A CAUSE For Living

The Cause: Something that is of important interest, something that we can celebrate with gratitude, and most humbly, something that fulfills us (All).

Like our relatives of the plant kingdom, a major part of our existence consists of receiving light. That light is then used as nourishment and energy, producing all the major functions and qualities of the particular organism. So it seems, to receive and produce is a common underlying Cause for All on the planet.

Although, unlike the rest of the living, we humans are fortunate to be able to have some knowing or awareness of what takes place. We cherish this advantage a lot. It has enabled us to create marvelous objects of wonder and fascination.

However, this also means that we are clearly aware of our own deaths as well. As sister nature demonstrates to us, each organism plays its part only for so long, then it returns its every uniqueness back to the common grounds of the earth, now supplying nourishment and energy in a different and simpler form.

Somewhere along the way, the awareness of this grand return has become a negative in our minds. Though we are not even sure how we got here, we dread the thought of leaving so abruptly. We’ve come to find it unfair or cruel even.

Beyond it all, is the gigantic air of mystery. We cannot get creative enough with our stories, trying to decipher what happens at the point in time when death approaches. Our only option of understanding lies in the meanings of each present moment — which is the only thing we have some control of; While we are still alive and are able to receive light, produce our unique expressions and share our heart’s compassion with our fellow human companions.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell