Afraid Of Light?

Lightness is synonymous with Freedom. It is then a mysterious wonder, why the taste of freedom brings so much lightness, yet still it can be so scary at times.

Why is this so? Why do we become so accustomed to our chains?

Like birds forgetting our wings, we stay bound to the earth, walking in repetitive circles, as if we had no other choice.

It seems this aura of fear that we constantly run back to has now become our new home. For sure we know what it meant to be of Light. That is our place of origin, our original home.

But so often we are turned away, distracted and discouraged. The restlessness of our heart’s now becomes unwilling to be still. All that is visible represents only impossibility.

How do we move beyond? Beyond what is known, familiar, dark, and heavy?

Surrender perhaps. If our natural and authentic state is of lightness, all that surrounds and blocks this from shining through is then false or unnecessary baggage. However, our grip is so tight, we cannot imagine anything else.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell