Be Kind To Expression

Expression is at the heart of our Human experience. As energetic Beings, we constantly re-cycle emotions(energy in motion) that both connect and inform us about the environment.

While we have managed to drastically change our environment over the years, making it more “modern” and “sanitary”, our inner landscapes have remained the same.

Regardless of the plenty of innovations and material accomplishments, us Humans are fundamentally the same. The same basic needs that a person required one thousand or one million years ago, are the same basic needs that one requires now.

One of those great fundamental needs is that of Expression. Preferably through all six senses.

However, for far too long this need of ours has been thwarted, twisted, and repressed. Perhaps this is in response to finding some of our very own emotions to be unfavorable, strange or non-important. Who knows? But as a result, feelings of inferiority, guilt, and shame tend to take hold.

And since we are naturally of this world, like any other plant, animal, or living organism, none of our many expressions, emotions, or feelings can truly be wrong or essentially bad. What’s being considered “bad” is perhaps only an adaptive or learned behavior, set in place by the individual to provide control and security in the environment as best as they could or even know how.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell