Confidence In The Target

“Without a vision, the people perish” — The Bible

Getting clear on what we want can be quite difficult in the first place. Although, we do have those few moments of clarity where we know instantly.

But before we take off, full speed, headed in a direction not suited for us, or with motivations and intentions not fully aligned with who we truly are and who we want to be, it would be wise for us to fully analyze and become familiar with the roots and substance of which those motivations & intentions are made.

These are the most important reasons to “why” we want to achieve or acquire something. And though this is only the first part of getting anything done at all, it serves as a very fundamental step in the human process of seeing, dreaming, believing and achieving.

If anything should stand in the way of us achieving something valuable or very important, all hell will break loose, we will fall apart very easily, especially and more possibly if our reason behind doing that thing is not strong enough with authentic purpose.

We would want to lose extra weight, but this should not be because we are ashamed of our bodies and have something to prove, but because doing so would improve our health and overall happiness. The same is with the reverse, many slim persons would want to put on a few more pounds, neither should they be ashamed of their bodies.

The majority of us would want a better lifestyle with more income, not because we want to brag about it to our neighbors or friends, but deep down we wish to enjoy our lives while having the ways, means, and freedom to do so.

Our grandest vision of the best version of ourselves does not need to include shame or guilt. Acceptance and forgiveness is a better path for our long term change and success. With clear sights on what we want to achieve and why, sufficient Confidence will come to us as we move along our path to reaching our envisioned target.



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