Never Too Late

There are so many metaphors and stories that are used to compare and describe lIfe and its processes. Some descriptions include, a maze, a game, a mystery, a journey, a rollercoaster ride, etc., just to list a few. Depending on the situation, one particular story or metaphor may fit more appropriately

At the moment, in this particular situation, our context or focus is on Self-Belief.

Let’s begin at our birth. Mother’s emotional state during pregnancy affectively may have influenced our own state of being. Of course. But this was never a question when it came to our curiosity about the world.

Without much outside influence, we generally wanted to run free, wild and take on the world by ourselves. Rather than our brains participating in any form of self-consciousness, all energies were geared towards learning to walk, talk, and getting a hold of the things that attracted us(all things but actual toys it seems with most babies).

Here begins some of the earlier turbulence. We would quickly be introduced to harsh limitations and punishments, most generally to keep us safe and within boundaries. To cope with this, while maintaining some sense of security along with food and shelter, we eventually developed adaptations that would help us fall in line and remain safe.

Fast forward to the point of being functional members of society, the majority of us struggle to detach ourselves from the strings of limitations in early childhood. Those boundaries have become a part of us. Much like an elephant trained to stay put with a small string.

Then comes the moment of redemption/ or realization, within a maze, mystery, or story. Something deep within us yearns to be free. We know there is something better than our current condition. But how do we gather the courage and proper Self-Belief?

Luckily for us, against all of these limitations the seed of life still wants to be expressed in all its most natural, raw and authentic forms. This is apparent on the other side of the spectrum with older people. They tend to be very blunt and straightforward as they age. Others are grumpy as they hold regrets about not following through on desires or goals they had earlier on.

It is definitely a mystery, what continues to hold us back during the years of strength and vitality. Misery is perhaps so strong that it will continue to hold us back and blind our visions from grasping joy and stepping into our freedom. But I do have a feeling that it’s not too late. It will just take a little while for us to divorce, detach, or detangle ourselves from the strings of misery and limitations. Returning our hearts to that period of a light and clean slate.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell