Fragility, vulnerability, and sensitivity are all irreplaceable parts of our Human existence.

Our Spirits, the part of us that is illusive and not visible to us, may maintain the attitude of infinity and invincibility, which surely are irreplaceable features that it rightfully possesses.

However, our current experience is of emotions and bodily sensations that seek to be expressed physically. When stifled and suppressed, these sensations seem to malfunction, finding unconventional ways to eventually show themselves.

Just because we are a bit conscious and can adjust the different external roles we play, does not mean that we can avoid being affected by these deeply rooted biological emotions. The exchange and play of Love is essentially the current of energy that flows within our Human marketplace.

Stemming from our closest early relationships, first with mom and dad, we quickly learned how to adapt our disapproving behaviors. This would ensure our safety and survival. Unknowingly, some of our most valuable human traits would be sacrificed as well.

The scenario that we now face is a shortage of Love currency in the human marketplace. Fragility, vulnerability, and sensitivity have been thought to be useless characteristics for survival, as we made our way through challenging childhood experiences onto finding a valid place within the world’s marketplace.

Sooner or later our human biology rebels against such constrictions. It wants to feel, it wants to be felt, it wants to touch and be touched.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell