The END To COMPARISON{competition}

The greatest of all finish lines is death. Unlike other finish lines however, no one is necessarily eager to cross it.

And naturally, in most cases, it cannot be accurately determined when one will approach this grand finale.

There is something sacred and valuable in this. First of all, it crumbles or devalues some of the urgency and importance given to the plenty of other finish lines we hold valuable throughout life. Ranging from superficial to professional competitions. Looking from this standpoint of all eventually coming to a grand-closing, everything in between actually then becomes sacred and valuable also, but of course not at the cost of cut-throat competition.

Each participant’s self-worth cannot be condensed totally & entirely in any given event. Much extensive and broader in view is the quality of experience each and every person has along the way, no matter what he/she chooses to participate in while journeying through the larger event of Life.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell