The Human Hero

Though not produced by Marvel, the Human experience sort of resembles that of a super hero’s journey.

For the most part, all of our stories begin with innocence. Then as we move away from the stages of the cradle or nest, we become more and more exposed to the realities of the world. From then on, we adjust according to information given by one’s immediate environment or family, along with our naturally inherited characteristics — forming a sense of intuition.

This intuition will then formulate a sort of map or compass pointing us in the direction of our heart’s desires. We must then set out on an individual quest to discover/ reveal the path destined for us and the gifts buried within our souls.

Sharing, gifting, or offering are qualities that are actually natural to us. However, unfortunately the world is not always very receptive to fresh faces or new ideas.

Fortunately for the hero, it will take great amounts of focused commitment, courage, and love to see our missions through.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell