The Long Arc

Whether high or low, the journey will continue. Resenting any part of it only furthers any prolonged suffering.

It is not a dominant perception, but every inch of the ride holds the light of presence & love, if we are open and available to receive it.

The strands that come together, creating the fabric of our existence(physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), all fluctuates or dances with the waving of the ocean.

Coming to recognize ourselves as individual waves that come together to form the larger ocean helps us to get in tune with our particular uniqueness.

We may not singularly possess all the power and strength of the ocean, but we are each highly important to its entire musical performance.

What we have to offer may even seem like such a tiny droplet, but it is this very obsession over our size that distracts us from remaining in our own power.

The more we look around and compare ourselves to the other droplets and waves that make up the ocean, the more obsessed and critical we become of our own value.

This, of course, causes excessive fluctuations of our internal make-up. Distortion of our mindsets, then leads to a cascade of dashing emotions, which then manifests in the many forms of our physical resistance to life’s constant movement.

On and on the ocean of existence will flow however, though our individual waves will eventually fade. But before this departure, the release of our most natural and authentic expressions await.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell