To Serve And Lead

We each contain creative potentials unique and indispensable to the world. It is the natural function of the universe.

Our responsibility to Serve comes through sharing these unique creative gifts with compassion and acute understanding to the common human struggles.

Along with these innate responsibilities, we are all appointed to Lead, especially once we have made peace with our individual authenticity and have clear enough connection with our intuition.

To Serve & Lead are not higher nor holier than thou kind of moral achievements. They flow naturally, same as the course of Giving & Receiving.

The gift of our unique abilities ultimately serves its purpose in the larger puzzle of Life. Then by successfully performing this service, we become an example and can provide tangible leadership for those looking to do the same in harnessing and bringing forth their own gifts.



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Rama’s Note🎵

Wishing to inspire another’s story by sharing my own ~ Romaine Powell